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Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring is one of the strongest and most wear-resistant timber flooring products on the market.

The strength of the bamboo floor comes from its manufacturing process. Slices of bamboo are compressed together with an adhesive resin. This resin provides the strength, while the bamboo gives the natural colour and pattern.

Solid Bamboo lanks are made by cutting thick slices of the Bamboo-resin block. It’s then sanded and polished to make ready for flooring installation.

Engineered Solid Bamboo is made by taking even thinner slices, and attaching it to a high-grade engineered plywood backing.

This gives it strength, rigidity, and minimises any expansion and contraction of the top layer. You won't see any buckling of timber with engineered floors.

Bamboo floors are easy to install, maintain and clean. They are also more environmentally friendly and have a much shorter period to reach maturity required for being used in flooring.

And with an off-gassing rating of less than E1* - it also doesn’t provide serious health risks.

Come see the bamboo flooring range in our showroom!

How much?

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Verdura X - Engineered Bamboo

Verdura X Engineered Bamboo
Surface Finish:   Matte.
Surface Protection:   8Layer Klumpp Polyurethane.
Edge:   Micro-Bevel.
Dimensions:   14 x 142 x 1850.
Profile:   Click.

Bamboo King - Engineered Bamboo

Bamboo King Engineered Bamboo
Surface Finish:  Semi-Gloss & Matte.
Surface Protection:  7-Layer UV coating.
Edge:  Micro-Bevel.
Dimensions:  14 x 128 x 1850.
Profile:  Tongue & Groove.

MW Solid Compressed Bamboo

MW Compressed Solid Bamboo
Surface Finish:   Semi-Gloss.
Surface Protection:  Water-Based UV Acrylic Urethane.
Edge:   Micro-Bevel.
Dimensions:   14 x 125 x 1850.
Profile:   Valinge 2G Click.

WP Solid Compressed Bamboo

WP Compressed Solid Bamboo
Surface Finish:   Satin
Edge:   Micro-Bevel
Dimensions:   14 x 135 x 1850
Profile:   Click