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Do you provide warranty and after sales service?

We provide a warranty for a period of 2 years in regards to the installation and promise to rectify any fault arising out of faulty workmanship at our cost. However, the warranty does not hold goods for mishandling and breakable items.
The warranty for materials depends on the manufacturer's policy.

What are the factors affecting the cost?

Will you be able to give a quote, if given the floor plan?

We can provide a quote based on the floor plan and customers’ choice of material. This service will be free of charge.

At what stage a flooring work could be started?

Flooring is usually the last procedure among interior decorations. However, it will be beneficial to have a free consultation with us in advance. It will help our clients to check the requirement at an early stage.

Do you charge for providing a quote?

We provide a free quote and a consultation for flooring solution. The best way to do is to visit our showroom and decide the material first. After that, our experienced staff will visit the sites and measure the areas.

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