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Insurance Quotations

Water-damaged flooring? Scrapes and dents made by your tenants?

Do you need an independent insurance quotation for your damaged floor?

Octagon Timber Flooring have experience in working with Insurance Companies. Our quotes are guaranteed to be lower than your Insurance Company’s contractors – meaning our quote will be accepted faster and you can have your floor repaired faster!

With Insurance contractors providing lead-times of several weeks on average – Octagon Timber Flooring’s installation teams can be out to your property within a matter of days to fix your flooring.

How Using Octagon Could Be Faster To Fix Your Floor

Our Client Daniel had 2 bedrooms and a corridor of Engineered flooring ruined due to bad pipes in the shower.
The contractor assigned by the Insurance Company provided a quote for over $10K to repair “over 30m2" and provided a wait time of 3 weeks for the repair.
We received a call from Daniel on Tuesday explaining his situation, had someone inspect his floor on Wednesday morning, and Stripping and installing of the new flooring started on Thursday morning. We were finished by Friday morning.
Overall, it cost less than half of the cost the contractor had quoted, only took 2 days to fix the problem, and the Insurance Company accepted our quote immediately to pay out the client. 

Getting an Insurance Quote

Getting an Insurance Quote from Octagon Timber Flooring is easy!

1. Contact us! sales@octagontimberflooring.com.au or 08 9244 1122 or 0416 038 858

2. We’ll organise someone to come out, measure and assess the damage.

3. We’ll provide you the quote directly, for you to pass onto the Insurance Company OR provide us the details and we can submit it on your behalf!

4. Once the quote has been approved, we’ll ensure all the materials needed are available.

5. Repair will begin immediately* with the approval of your insurance company!

Our friendly sales representatives can assist in any queries you may have!