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For Your Residence

Do you have children or pets, and are worried about them scratching your floor or leaving spills? Luxury Vinyl Tiles are the best option for you!

Vinyl Tiles or Planks, give you the freedom to choose designs and colours outside the natural timber range, and in most cases only cost HALF of the cost of laying solid or engineered timber!

Ranging from 2mm to 6mm, LVTs can be used in all areas of your home!

LVTs are the new smart and fashionable way to bring character into your home.

Commercial, Clinical & Office Spaces

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are a great flooring option for your office or clinic. Clean, easy to maintain, and completely water-proof; Vinyl flooring is used extensively throughout offices and clinics.

Vinyl tiles are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns. From the hospital-grade monotone vinyl, to stone or timber patterns.

Vinyl is a stylish and inexpensive option for your office or clinic.

Your office, clinic or commercial space doesn't have to be boring! Bring character and style with Luxury Vinyl Tiles.

Luxury Vinyl Pricing

Just because they're called Luxury Vinyl Tiles doesn't mean they're unaffordable! Check out our pricing list to see why Luxury Vinyls are one of our best sellers!

Ultimo Luxury Vinyl Plank

Ultimo Luxury
Wear Layer:  0.5mm Robust Vinyl
Edge:  Square, 4 Sides.
Adhesion:  Direct Stick
Dimensions:  5/0.5 x 178 x 1220 (mm)
Other:  VOC E1

V-Tech Series

V-Tech Series
Wear Layer:   0.5mm
Edge:   Square, 4 Sides.
Adhesion:   Direct Stick
Dimensions:   5/0.5 x 184 x 1219 (mm)
Other:   Embossed Surface

Inovar Luxury LVL Collection

Inovar LVL
Wear Layer:   0.55mm
Edge:   Square, 4 Sides.
Adhesion:   Direct Stick
Dimensions:   5/0.55 x 228.6 x 1219.2 (mm)
Other:   PVC Surface

Vinyl Pricing

Karndean Luxury Vinyl

$ 77 - 79/ Sqm + GST

  • Fully Installed

V Tech Series Luxury

$ 33/ Sqm + GST

  • Supply Only

Inovar LVL Collection

$ 65/ Sqm + GST

  • Fully Installed