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Solid Timber Flooring

Solid Hardwood floors are cut from a single tree - available in varying thicknesses. Unlike the Engineered Timber floors which only have a thin veneer (usually 2 to 6mm thick) on a plywood backing; solid timber floors are a single cut of timber from top to bottom.

Once installed, the Solid Timber floor requires a sanding and several coats of varnish and sealer to accentuate the characteristics of the timber, such as its knots, gum veins, fiddleback, and other features.

For those who don’t like too many knots or gum veins, Select grade timber is most suitable. Standard & Standard Better have some knots, veins and other characteristics, but are mostly free. Feature grade sold timber have all the knots and veins, and therefore look most natural.

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Timber Pricing

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Solid Hardwood Flooring

Australian Solid Timber

For more timber species, dimensions, grade, and other information – please refer to the Flooring Price page for more information.


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Don’t worries quality of installation. We only provide our professional Own team for installing and sanding of solid timber flooring.